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Automatic Rolling Shutter

Automated Rolling Shutters


automated rolling shutters in bagalore

The rolling shutter consists of a curtain made up of interlocked standard ms lath sections to the required width and height. The whole curtain is balanced and assembled and wraps round the drum. The drum is supported by anti friction bearings fixed to two side brackets which in turn are fixed to the wall. One of the brackets has a motor with chain and sprocket to drive the drum.


Specialized Rolling Shutters

Our Rolling Shutter Models

Why Us ?


If public parking spaces are to be secured from unauthorised entry, Concord has an attractive complete solution: Our barriers are extremely reliable and need very little maintenance.


Just order exactly what you need. Both left- and right-closing barriers are available. This means no adaptations are necessary during installation.


Safety and accident protection are Concord’s highest priority. Our barriers are equipped with dependable technology that com- plies with applicable standards.


This is not only because of their high quality and easy operation, but also because they are meticulously crafted and certified,which allows you to find the perfect barriers for your entrance.

Advantage of Automatic Rolling Shutter!

The across the board and comprehensively utilized among all the classes of doors is the motorized rolling shade the allegorical component of our motorized rolling shutters is its hard gathering increased because of the utilization of solid metals in the arrangement of record and guide profile. These component exhibitions as a shield and protect against robbery, harm, and typhoons.


Our motorized rolling shutters are anything but difficult to work and affirm customer delight. The motorized rolling shutters and doors are industrial facility made in our best in class fabricating office and the plant has the ability to create 5000 rolling shutters in a month.


Motorized Rolling Shutters by Concord are ideal for conditions where side room is less and security is required. Our Rolling Shutters need next to no headroom over the auxiliary opening. They consolidate quality with polish alongside sturdiness and are intended for both outer and inside applications. 

Automatic Rolling Shutters are comprised of interlocked, Galvanized Insulated and Non-Insulated, Stainless Steel, Patented Aluminum profiles and licensed Bright Steel Bar Rolling Grills. Automatic Rolling Shutters are emphatically worked to embrace the difficulty-free process and long life. 

“Our Motorized Rolling Shutters can likewise be arranged according to the client’s conditions”


All our Rolling Shutters are automatically utilizing vivacious driveability with manual supersede if there should be an occurrence of a force disappointment and are thick, silent, and trustworthy with a low decibel level.

Matching Accessories For The Optimal Barrier System

  • Electric lock

    For additional locking and protection from break-in.

  • Rubber profile

    Providing enhanced protection against getting trapped.

  • Light barriers

    Detecting obstacles when the beam of light is obstructed and preventing the gate from closing, they can be installed in a variety of scenarios and are even suitable for outdoor installation.

  • Warning light

    For additional optical hazard detection.

  • Active safety edge

    Ensures personal safety and stops the gate motion.

  • Main switch

    Controls the complete gate system when disconnected from mains (e.g. during maintenance).

  • Rod antenna

    For ensuring a stable radio range.

  • Key switch

    Allows the gate system to be operated only by authorised persons with a key.

  • Connecting cable set for twist 200 E/EL or twist XL

    For connecting a second operator to the control unit housing.

  • Attenuator for inclined gates

    Ideal speed regulation for inclined gates; prevents the gate from rolling down an incline.

  • Battery pack for twist UG, twist AM, RUNner, RUNner+ and SP 900

    Supplies energy to the operator for up to 12 hours for maximum 10 door cycles in the event of a power failure.

  • Memo for twist UG or twist AM

    Is used to expand the memory to 450 transmitter commands. If service is required, the saved transmitters can be easily moved to a new carriage.

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